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MLS API Documentation

Display a REALTORS® Listings

Showcase all the listings for a specific REALTOR®

Create your own real estate websites, using our MLS API.

MLS API HTML  Example Code

You can display a realtor's listings with two lines of HTML:

<div id="Listings"></div>
<script src=""></script>

This adds two elements to your webpage: a DIV named "Listings", and Gavamedia's MLS® JavaScript code.

MLS PHP API  How it Works

The JavaScript looks for a DIV named "Listings" on your webpage. It displays all the realtor's listings inside this DIV automatically.

If you maintain multiple realtor websites, the API is smart enough to detect which website belongs to which realtor. The same code will display different listings on different websites.

MLS Listings  Sample Output

The listings are populated into your "Listings" DIV as HTML. This is a collection of links, each containing a DIV, H2, H3, and H4.

An example of the HTML:

<a href="listing/?address=27-main-rd-faketon-ontario" alt="1295809" style="background-image: url(;">
        <h2>27 Main Rd</h2>

MLS Website Design  Customizing the Style

Listings do not contain a hard-coded style, giving you the ability to stylize them yourself with CSS. Gavamedia's MLS® API is flexible enough to use on multiple realtor and broker websites, each with very different designs.

  • #Listings a – contains the all the content for one listing. The image is assigned with background-image. This makes it easier to position address information, and still support older web browsers.
  • #Listings div – holds all the address and pricing information
  • #Listings h2 – address
  • #Listings h3 – city or town
  • #Listings h4 – price

We've recently updated our website, and will be finalizing our API documents soon.