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MLS API Documentation


Build real estate websites using our MLS® API

Gavamedia's MLS® API is a service that returns information about real estate listings. You can use it to build a Broker website, a website for a REALTOR®, or a community portal.

Easy to use MLS API  Ease of Use

No programming is needed to use our API. It was designed to make common tasks as easy as possible - often with just one or two lines of code, which you can copy and paste from this website.

MLS API  Sending a Request

The API consists of sending a request for something, and displaying the result. This could be a request for all listings within a real estate brokerage, or only some listings on a map.

The following requests are available:

MLS PHP API  Techincal Outline

Working with our MLS® API is accomplished using HTTP requests. You can send requests from a server (using PHP, Java, Python, Node.js, etc.), or a browser (with JavaScript and HTML).

We reccomend using JavaScript for projects that aren't hosted by Gavamedia. This allows most of your website content to load before the MLS® request is sent, giving your visitors something to see while the MLS® data is loading.

Programming MLS API  Requirements and Usage Limits

Using Gavamedia's MLS® API must adhere to the requirements described in the Terms of Use. A REALTOR® may need to grant you permission to access listing information from some real estate boards. Gavamedia's MLS® API has a usage quota as described in the Usage Limits and Billing documentation.

We've recently updated our website, and will be finalizing our API documents soon.